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Affiliate Logo Slider (bottom of the Home Page)

  1. Go to Moderator Menu
  2. Click on WordPress Dashboard
  3. Hover over Affiliate Logo Slider in Membership Section
  4. Click on All Logos
  5. Find the appropriate affiliate member, hover over and click on edit
  6. Change Status from Logo Status (Affiliate or Affiliate – Not in Good standing)

  1. If there is not a logo present for the affiliate member, then click on Affiliate Logo Slider.
  2. Next click on Add New Logo

  1. Fill out the add new logo form as follows (above image).
    1. Please fill in the following fields as specified in Affiliate Name (format – Name, Phone)
    2. Company Logo (please contact admin for help as image size is very important. Maximum width of image should be 200px)
    3. Client’s URL – this is not the website URL of the affiliate member.
      To find URL go to the affiliate page click on the more link for this affiliate. Next, copy the URL in the address bar and paste into this field.
    4. Select Logo Category

      Only select Affiliate if there is a logo image set (you can see the logo).

      Affiliate (displays on home page affiliate logo slider)
      Affiliate – Not in good standing (does not show)

    5. Click on the Publish button.