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Admin Columns

Allows for creating custom colums in Admin view

Application Passwords

Used for Event Espresso so you can retrieve data via the iPhone and Android Apps.

Contact Form 7

Used for creating contact forms.

Contact Form 7 – Dynamic
Text Extensions

Adds ability to send emails directly to the inspector from profile page

Contact Form 7
Conditional Fields

Adds conditional logic to contact forms.

Custom 404

Error page customization (makes it our own instead of the generic version)

Dynamic Recipient for
Contact Form 7

Adds ability to send emails directly to the inspector from profile page

Event Espresso

Create, manage events, sell tickets, and receive payments to reduce event administration time, cut-out ticketing fees, and own your customer data.

Event Espresso – Calendar
(EE 4.3+)

Not in Use – creates a calendar of events.

Event Espresso – Event
App Customization (EE4.9.9+)

Deactived – for future use

Event Espresso – Events
Table View Template (EE 4.4.9+)

Adds a events table view on the event page to Event Espresso.

Event Espresso – Flexible
Payment Method (EE 4.6+)

Flexible payments is an off-site payment option for Event Espresso for accepting payments.

Event Espresso –
QuickBooks Payments Gateway (EE 4.8.29+)

QuickBooks is an on-site payment method for Event Espresso for accepting credit and debit cards and is available to event organizers in the United States. An account with QuickBooks is required to accept payments.

Event Espresso – Stripe
Gateway (EE 4.6.0+)

Credit Card Processing – Stripe is an on-site payment method for Event Espresso for accepting credit and debit cards

Event Espresso –
Ticketing (EE 4+)

Adds the ticketing message type to Event Espresso 4 which includes the ability to customize tickets that users will receive for the events. Using the messages system you can create templates for various styles of tickets and assign them to whatever event you want to use that template for. Also includes multiple bar code types for handling check-in scans at the door. Users can either print out their tickets or display them on their mobile devices.

Event Espresso – WP Users

Creates a WP User if a person registers who is not logged in.

Export Users to CSV

Add the ability to export user data by downloading a csv file.

GS Logo Slider PRO

Displays Affiliate Logos on the home page in the form of a image slider.

ImageRecycle pdf &
image compression

Image optimization and compression software to speed up the website.

LearnDash Content Cloner

Use for cloning CE Verification Questions.

LearnDash LMS

Course creation for the event quizes

LearnDash LMS – Event

Interface with Event Esspresso

LearnDash ProPanel

Improves the display of information in Profile l

Paid Member Subscriptions

Accept payments, create subscription plans and restrict content on your membership website.

Paid Member Subscriptions
– Discount Codes Add-on

Use for reduced membership dues for partial year memberships. Easily create discount codes for Paid Member Subscriptions plugin.

Paid Member Subscriptions
– Email Reminders

Create multiple automated email reminders that are sent to members before or after certain events take place (subscription expires, last login, subscription activated etc.)

Paid Member Subscriptions
– Fixed Expiration Date

Forces a fixed expiration date regardless of subscribed time.

Paid Member Subscriptions
– Navigation Menu Filtering

Create multiple automated email reminders that are sent to members before or after certain events take place (subscription expires, last login, subscription activated etc.) IMPORTANT FOR ANNUAL DUES PAYMENTS !!

Paid Member Subscriptions
– reCaptcha

Add a simple Google reCaptcha to your Paid Member Subscriptions for security.

Paid Member Subscriptions
– Stripe Payment Gateway

Credit card Processing – Accept credit and debit card payments through Stripe

Profile Builder – Contact
Form for Userlisting

Populates the to email field of the contact form from the user listing page

Profile Builder – Custom
CSS Classes on fields

Being used for content CSS customization on button colors and formatting of padding and margins – ADMIN ONLY

Profile Builder – Edit
Submit Button

Changes text in submit button inside Profile Builder

Profile Builder – Email
Confirmation Field

Provides for entering email twice on forms to confirm email is valid inside Profile Builder.

Profile Builder – Field
Visibility Add-On

Needed to properly format Profile Builder form logic

Profile Builder – Maximum
Character Length Add-On

Allowing you to set a maximum character length for the input fields in forms inside of Profile Builder.

Profile Builder Pro

                                        Login, registration and edit profile shortcodes for the front-end. Also you can choose what fields should be
displayed or add new (custom) ones both in the front-end and in the dashboard.

Shortcode For Current

Insert current Date, Month or Year anywhere with a simple shortcode.


Used for Payments Mail to Address and plus any other items that occur in multiple locations, so it can be updated in one location. It is a shortcoder generator.

Slider Revolution

Creates a slide show of images on the home page by using a slider plugin.

TinyMCE Advanced

Word like visual editor for creating posts, and editing

Uncanny LearnDash Toolkit

Potentially To Be Deactivated

UpdraftPlus –

Creates backups – currently being sent to Amazon S3 account at Rockbridge Serves

User Role Editor

Allows admin to create and edit custom roles

WP Media folder

Adds the functionality to the media manager by adding a folder manager inside.

WP Media folder Addon

Adds the ability to bring in Google Docs, One Drive, DropBox, etc.

WP Private Content Plus

Adds access control

WP Speed of Light

Website optimization. WP Speed of Light is used to speed up your WP site.

WP Speed of Light Addon

Adds features for WP Speed of Light plugin like cache pre-loading, DNS pre-fetching…